Course Detail for CRN: 30165
Course: ESS 110
Title: Hydrology and Climate
Credit Hours: 4.00
Course Fee: None
Introduction to climate science and hydrology. Students will develop an understanding of the conceptual basis of the sciences of climate and hydrology as well as gain quantitative and communication skills.

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Prerequisites for this course
  ( ENVE 020 Minimum Grade: C-  
Or   MATH 015 Minimum Grade: C- )
And ( MATH 022 Minimum Grade: C-  
Or   You must have received a score of 1 on the MC22 test  
Or   You must have received a score of 4 on the APMB test  
Or   MATH 012 Minimum Grade: C- )
Basics of the hydrological cycle and the global climate
system. Fundamentals of surface water hydrology
hydrometeorology, evaporation, precipitation, statistical
and probabilistic methods, unit hydrograph, and flood

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